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Moments in Flood Control History

6/1938 County Planning Commission votes to recommend the formation of a Flood Control and Water Conservation Board
1946 A Flood Control District Act was passed, but was never activated when the power to levy taxes and set regulatory policy was eliminated from the Act through a last-second amendment.
2/1958 Public request for formation of a Flood Control District in the San Dieguito River Watershed.
11/1959 Arguments for the formation of a countywide Flood Control District.
1960 Flood Control Section formed in the Department of Public Works
6/1961 Formation of a committee to make flood control recommendations and study the formation of a Flood Control District (Flood Control Advisory Committee).
12/1962 Board of Supervisors orders a framework of a new Flood Control District Act to be developed.
12/1965  Board of Supervisors formally backs the formation of a Flood Control District.
3/1966 Board of Supervisors requests the State Legislature to enact the San Diego County Flood Control District Act
10/16/1966 State Legislature approves the Flood Control District Act. Fixes the future boundaries of the District as the borders of the unincorporated County as it existed in 1966
7/1/1985 A new Flood Control District Act is passed by the Legislature. Modifies the definition of the District boundary to be the unincorporated County only. As a region incorporates, it is lost to the FCD. Provisions exist for cities to rejoin the FCD for special purposes, but they can disengage from the FCD at their discretion.

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